Rebuilding Black Wall Street

The Greenwood Project is on a mission to fund thousands of Black entrepreneurs. 



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Obama's New Regulation Crowdfunding Law

Anyone will be able to browse minority-owned businesses on our site and easily invest as little as $100 in entrepreneurs they believe in.



Black Businesses Succeed

Investors can potentially participate in profits when those same businesses succeed.

Regulation Crowdfunding provides a new and unique investment opportunity, however, investors should understand the risks before investing. Investments made into Regulation Crowdfunding offerings involve substantial risk, including the risk that you could lose some or all of your investment. Investors who cannot afford to lose the entirety of their investment should not invest. There is no guarantee that the stated valuation of the issuer or any other terms presented in the offering are accurate. Furthermore, investors will receive restricted securities, and are subject to a 12 month holding period. There is no guarantee that a secondary market will develop or that a liquidity event will occur.